Confidence Quotes & Sayings

Visions of Starting Your Business

Passion is a wild card; it transforms and gives power to everything you do. Who knows how many stillborn businesses there are – possible very successful ones – that were doomed by a loss of nerve, an unwillingless finally to take action? Starting a business is an encounter with forces far more powerful than yourself. […]

Developing Trust With Friends

Making friends takes time, effort, commitment, give and take, and a lot of tolerance for the many human frailties we all have. Some people feel it takes too much time and effort to develop Friendship. Friendships take time to develop because they require mutual trust between people, and trust takes time to develop. How to […]

Confidence in Dealing With Others

One of the big reasons so many people lack Confidence in dealing with others is that they do not understand what they are dealing with. We are always unsure of ourselves and lack confidence when we are dealing with the unknown. Watch a mechanic try to repair the engine of a strange automobile that he […]