A Leader in His Own World

One of the key differences between an “alpha” male and a “beta” male, or a leader and a follower, is that a leader has responsibility. A follower does not. A follower’s life is pretty easy: just do what you are told by your boss, your family, or your culture. A leader has to actually come up with ideas, goals and actions by himself. No one is around to guide him. Being a leader is consistent with being in one’s own
world. A leader has to be in his own world if he is to be a leader at all.

A follower lives in someone else’s reality.

A leader creates his own.

This is the kind of mindset and attitude you want to have as you go through your daily routine. Be a leader, not a follower. Being a leader starts inside your head. If you view yourself as an individual who is engaged with the world, instead of passively moving through it like a ghost, starting a conversation with beautiful women becomes extremely easy. You are simply creating a new reality, which is what leaders do by nature.

As long as you are living in someone else’s reality, it will always be a struggle to break out and do something different from the status quo.

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