Confidence in Dealing With Others

One of the big reasons so many people lack [tag]confidence[/tag] in dealing with others is that they do not understand what they are dealing with. We are always unsure of ourselves and lack confidence when we are dealing with the unknown.

Watch a mechanic try to repair the engine of a strange automobile that he does not understand. He hesitates. His every movement shows lack of confidence.

Then watch a master mechanic, who understands the engine he is working with. His every movement exudes confidence.

It is the same for anything we are dealing with. The more we know about it – the more confidence we will have in dealing with it.

Memorizing a few “rules” on human relations, which you apply as id they were gimmicks, won’t give you confidence in dealing with people. But an understanding of human nature and an understanding of the basic principles behind human behavior will. Once you understand why people act as they do, you’ll automatically find yourself feeling more confident in dealing with them.

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