Developing Trust With Friends

Making friends takes time, effort, commitment, give and take, and a lot of tolerance for the many human frailties we all have. Some people feel it takes too much time and effort to develop [tag]friendship[/tag]. Friendships take time to develop because they require mutual trust between people, and trust takes time to develop.

How to Gain Trust

To gain someone’s trust, you must reveal some personal information and feelings so that the other person can gain a real sense of what kind of person you are, and what you are sensitive to. As time goes on, you and your friends will disclose more and more personal information, and the trust between you will grow.

In the early stages of friendship, people sometimes don’t know how much to reveal about themselves. If you are aware of the balance of information being traded back and forth, then your rate of self-disclosure will probably be appropriate.

Displaying Trust

A firm belief in someone’s honesty and reliability can take quite a while to develop while a breech of trust can destroy a relationship in a very brief period of time. When someone displays trust in you and confides in you, don’t disappoint her by violating her faith and [tag]confidence[/tag] in you.

When you give someone your friendship, it becomes an important aspect of a relationship. We reveal things to friends that we just wouldn’t say to anyone else. A friend is someone you can trust with sensitive information and know that he won’t hold it against you; someone who shares common interests and experiences with you and adds to your sense of fulfillment.

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