Improvement Quotes & Sayings

Effective Action Isn’t Waiting

The effective action isn’t waiting. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of waiting – waiting to be motivated, waiting to have a great idea, waiting to be lucky, waiting to find the right audience, waiting to meet someone great, waiting to find the perfect solution. You’ll be waiting forever. Instead, identify what you need, cut through the […]

Chaos in Disguise

The next time you feel emotional pain, try to remind yourself that you are lucky. You are getting stronger. Things are improving – although you might not see it right away. It’s like when your home was being painted and it looked its utmost worst. Total chaos. However, underneath this chaos was renovation in motion. […]

Personal Accountability

Our bodies reflect who we are, what we think of ourselves, and how we feel toward others. Your physique is your message to the world, the first message people will hear when they meet you… perhaps even the loudest message. Why is it that some people can lose fat, build muscle, and get healthy while […]

Successful Improvement

Imagine what would happen to the Ford Motor Company if its management allowed itself to think, “This year we’ve built the ultimate in automobiles. Further improvement is impossible. Therefore, all experimental engineering and designing activities are hereby permanently terminated.” Even the mammoth Ford Motor Company would shrivel fast with this attitude. Successful people, like successful […]