Self Hypnosis Techniques For Self Improvement

Have you ever wanted to learn self hypnosis? Believe it or not, you dont need to have a collection of books, audio tapes, dvd’s or a professional hypnotist to learn, you dont even need a spiritual guru. All you need to do is learn a few simple techniques.

Putting into practice a few simple self hypnosis techniques to bring yourself to a state of deep relaxation can be very easy and rewarding. The most important thing is to find a place that offers complete comfort and quiet. The last thing you need once reaching a state of deep relaxation is to be disturbed part way through.

You will also need to learn how to completely relax all your muscles and whether this is best achieved by sitting up or laying down. Learning what you need to do once in a subconscious state is also very important.

Going Under Hypnosis

A subconscious state is often referred to as “going under”. This generally means that the conscious mind is “asleep” so a hypnotist can talk directly to the subconscious mind. You will be able to do this yourself when you learn some self hypnosis techniques which have been known to work.

Please remember that different people will use different techniques. It is always best to try a variety of self hypnosis techniques before settling on the one that works best for you.

Find a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed for quite a long period of time. When first attempting self hypnosis dont be discouraged if it takes you more than an hour to officially “go under”. Make sure you chose a place with complete quiet and where you feel most at ease. Remember to turn off phones and other things that may disturb you. Full concentration will be needed to focus on the self hypnosis techniques.

Concentrate on your breathing, feel the air as it enters and then leaves your body. Relax all your muscles and clear your mind of all thoughts. You will find yourself deeply relaxed. This can only be described as sleeping without being asleep. Once you have reached this state, you can do anything you want.

Some people use a self hypnosis script to cause themselves to relax, and also to give themselves instructions and suggestions once their under. This script can include mantras on quitting smoking, losing weight, remembering more things, becoming a stronger person, or anything else you think you need to become a better person.

Let yourself be your own guide as to what you want to achieve. Only you can know what it is that you want. You can find free online hypnosis offers easily – so go give it a try. With practice and experimentation you become an expert at self hypnosis.

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