Motivation Quotes & Sayings

You Can’t…

When they say you can’t, they show you their limits, not yours.

Working Out – High and Low Motivation

Remember when you first started working out months ago? You were pumped every time you went stepped into the gym. You were setting new personal records, getting stronger, and just felt awesome after every workout. It was great. Then one day your motivation subsided. You dragged yourself into the gym, but didn’t ‘feel’ it. You then decided to skip one workout, […]

Effective Action Isn’t Waiting

The effective action isn’t waiting. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of waiting – waiting to be motivated, waiting to have a great idea, waiting to be lucky, waiting to find the right audience, waiting to meet someone great, waiting to find the perfect solution. You’ll be waiting forever. Instead, identify what you need, cut through the […]

Are You Happy at Work?

Suppose you work for a company that develops software.  When you first begin working there, you may be focused on the idea of landing a good job, doing interesting work, and beginning a career with strong long-term potential.  Or perhaps you’re just a geek who loves coding.  At first you may be happy, even fulfilled in […]

Motivation vs Discipline

Motivation can help, but Motivation is short lived and may only last a few days. Discipline is like a muscle. The more you build it, the more you can rely on it. Everyone has some discipline (can you hold your breath?), but not everyone develops it. Basically it comes down to taking on little challenges, […]

Personal Accountability

Our bodies reflect who we are, what we think of ourselves, and how we feel toward others. Your physique is your message to the world, the first message people will hear when they meet you… perhaps even the loudest message. Why is it that some people can lose fat, build muscle, and get healthy while […]