Fitness Quotes & Sayings

Working Out – High and Low Motivation

Remember when you first started working out months ago? You were pumped every time you went stepped into the gym. You were setting new personal records, getting stronger, and just felt awesome after every workout. It was great. Then one day your motivation subsided. You dragged yourself into the gym, but didn’t ‘feel’ it. You then decided to skip one workout, […]

The Ultimate Diet 2.0

Dieting to low bodyfat levels sucks. Actually, dieting sucks across the board but the real problems start when you start to get far below normal. So what’s normal? In modern times, an average male may be carrying 18-25% bodyfat, an average female 21-28%. Many, many (too many) people are much fatter than that. Healthy bodyfat levels are […]

Taking Steps Towards Your Goals

Everything you do, every single decision you make, either takes you a step closer or a step further away from your goal. You either grow or you regress; nothing stands still. Now, imagine that every decision you make during your day regarding your Diet, your training program, or your lifestyle in general, will cause you […]