The Hunger to Feel Important

Every human being is a millionaire in human relations. The great tragedy is that too many of us hoard this , or dole it out stingily. Or worse still, don’t even realize we possess it.

During World War II, when people were hungry for meat, and meat was scarce, the butcher became the most popular man in the community.

Yet, every day of your life the people with whom you come into contact are hungry and thirsty for food that you could give them.

One of the most universal hungers is the hunger to feel important, to have your personal worth as a human being confirmed by others, to be appriciated, to be noticed.

It is within your power to add to the feeling of personal worth of the other person. It is within your power to make him like himself a little better. It is within your power to make him feel appricaited and accepted. 

In short, you have the bread to feed this human hunger.

Try giving away your wealth

The quickest way to improve your human relations is to begin giving away this wealth that you possess. Don’t be stingy with it. Don’t dole it out. Don’t play any favorites. It doesn’t cost you anything, and you need not fear you’ll ever use it all up. Don’t try to barter or bargain with it. Don’t try to use it to bribe people into giving you what you want. Give it away indiscriminately; in doing so, you need not worry about getting what you want from others. But when you cast this bread upon the waters, so to speak , it always comes back to you multiplied many fold.

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