Don’t Feed Your Ego

Money will never bring you true happiness – however, happiness will bring you true money.

It’s not “he who dies with the most toys wins.” It’s “he who has the most time to play with his toys and the most fun playing with them who wins.” In other words: all work and no play means a life of all ego and no spirit.

True success is not about making lots of moola so you can get yourself expensive toys for your ego – nor is it about getting yourself a cure, sexy person for your ego. True success is about satisfying your spirit with things. For instance, your ego looks at a cute, sexy person and says, “Yum, yum. I want that person.” But your spirit is smarter. It looks at loving, joyous couples and things, “Mmmm, i want that job, that happiness, that love.”

Your spirit wisely knows: it’s not a mate’s superficial qualities that ultimately make you happy, but the dynamic this mate and you have together – and this blissful feelings this mate can give you in your true heart.

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